Diagnosis and treatment of corneal disorders has been our professional focus for over 40 years.

We are the leading experts on surgical and non-surgical treatment of numerous disorders, including ocular herpes, keratoconus, adenovirus infection, recurrent corneal erosion, bullous keratopathy, corneal dystrophies in Russia and have vast clinical experience in management of other diseases of the cornea and anterior segment of the eye.

We are the Kasparov medical dynasty: Arkady A. Kasparov, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Corneal Disorders at the Research Institute of Eye Diseases, and his two daughters – Elizaveta A. Kasparova, PhD (Doctor of Medical Sciences) and Evgeniya A. Kasparova, PhD (Candidate of Medical Sciences).

Our mission is to promote our techniques and share experience with colleagues and patients alike. We want our methods to be acknowledged and widely used by physicians here in Russia and all over the world. It has become obvious that numerous articles, monographs, dissertations, letters, guidelines and countless presentations at conferences are no longer sufficient for effective dissemination of professional information among doctors and are inaccessible to patients.

That is why we made a decision to focus on the Internet. In 2011 we expanded to social media platforms. Our Facebook pages contain useful information and offer an opportunity to have your questions answered.

eyeherpes.info is our new project dedicated to academician A.A. Kasparov’s approach to ocular herpes management. Its goal is to give patients information on ocular herpes and offer ophthalmologists insight into our technique.

We know how to deal with ocular herpes.